INO Founders | KONTRS

In any aspect, Korea is not the first country who aware of the importance of nanotechnology in the world. As a country which successfully demonstrated the rapid progress in almost every aspect of industrial fields, we were fully aware of the importance of nanotechnology and established national-wide nanotechnology of “Korea Nano Technology Research Society (KoNTRS)”. During the last ten years or so, our society has a pivotal role in establishing world-level nanotechnology programs inside of country with ever increasing members.

In 2004, Korea’s nanotechnology researchers totaled around 4000, at most. Of course, most of them joined in this field of nanotechnology from all the different discipline backgrounds. By 2012, however, the number of researchers had increased more than two-fold to approximately 9,000. Moreover, educational program was started to establish in the university. With established nanotechnology-related departments at colleges jumped about 3 fold to 91 at present from 2004.
As an institutions organized by over 2,000 nanotechnology researchers to promote the exchange of information and human resources and to generate cooperative research programs among the researchers. Korea Nano Technology Research Society is a unique legal entity authorized by the minister of science, ICT and future planning (MSIP) according to nanotechnology development promotion Act. In order to accomplish its purpose of establishment, Korea Nano Technology Research Society is carrying out the following projects.
1- Research for promotion of development of nanotechnology
2- Academic activities, provision of information, and public awareness of nanotechnology
3-Hosting domestic and international academic conferences for nanotechnology and carrying out international cooperative projects
4- Educational support for new researchers in nanotechnology.