Protection of Water Resources

In this module you will learn about protection of water resources.


Water is supplied through surface or groundwater resources. Despite increasing human need to water, we need to store water, because the evaporation is one of main natural phenomenon which decreases our water storage. By decreasing water evaporation in the environment or during treatment, we can maintain more water. Improvement of water system constructions, application of soil additives to decrease water evaporation, and recovery of evaporated water can be effective. By using the nanotechnology, we can improve material properties for this purpose.


Nanotechnology 101 by John Mongillo

Review of the remediation strategies for soil water repellency by Karin Müllera and Markus Deurer

Water Sources by Paul Koch

Inorganic adhesives for robust, self-healing, superhydrophobic surfaces by Mingming Liu,  Yuanyuan Hou, Jing Li,  Lu Tie,  Yubing Peng  and  Zhiguang Guo

Wetting behaviour during evaporation and condensation of water microdroplets on superhydrophobic patterned surfaces by Y.C. Jung and B. Bhushan

Water droplet evaporation on Cu-based hydrophobic surfaces with nano- and micro-structures by Chi Young Lee, Bong June Zhang, Jiyeon Park and Kwang J.Kim

Nanotechnology Will Revolutionize Water Supply Sustainability

Nanotechnology Will Revolutionize Water Supply Sustainability

Drinking Water Protection

Source Water Protection