Environmental Aspects of Nanotechnology

In this module you will learn about the effects of nanotechnology on environment.

From environmental perspective, the nanotechnology has both its pros and cons. Nowadays, the nanotechnology has opened its way into many conventional and sophisticated environment-related applications such as efficient water purification, elimination of pollutants from air, and soil enrichment for agriculture. In general, the full exploitation of nanotechnology renders us capable of efficiently detecting contaminants in air/ water/ soil and eliminating them by effective solutions. In contrast, nano-laboratories and nano-industries produce nanowastes with unknown environmental impacts. Some of these nanomaterials may remain in the nature for years and disturb the life cycle. Because of their large surface area, they can be toxic for human/ animals/ plants, and interact with live organisms. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attentions to environmentally counterproductive impacts of nanotechnology.


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