Synthesis of Nanostructures

In this module you will learn about different Nanostructures synthesis approaches.


Nanostructures can be fabricated in gas, liquid or solid phases with two main approaches: (i) top-down techniques, and (ii) bottom-up methods. In the former approach, nanostructures are fabricated atom by atom through appropriate chemical precursors. Chemical and physical deposition, sol-gel, hydrothermal and solvothermal techniques are the most conventional methods of this approach. Conversely, in the latter approach, a bulk material is usually fractured and cut into smaller parts, until the size of each part reaches to nanoscale. High-energy ball milling, lithography, and sever plastic deformation abide by this approach. Since the final physicomechanical properties of nanostructures highly depend on the way they are synthesized, the desired properties and targeted applications dictate the appropriate fabrication methods.


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