INO Permanent Secretariat (INOPS) contributes to organization and fulfilling the long-term goals of INO and facilitating the connection between the INOStC and the host economy. The management and the progress of the INOPS is reviewed annually by the INOStC with the aim to match with its missions. By the confirmation of INOStC, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) is selected for the official management of INOPS.

Other responsibilities of INOPS are as follows:
1- Collection and publication of previous documents according to the disclosure rules related to the documents
2- Management and supervision of the INO official website
3- Establishing distance education platform
4- Supervision of INO executive secretariat’s activity from the beginning of INO first stage to the final stage and reporting to INOStC
5- Consideration of the official requests of interested economies to host the competition, evaluating the qualification of applicant economies, and presenting a report about their competency to INOStC to be approved by this committee
6- Preparing the final report about holding the INO at most two months after the end of INO and presenting it then to INOStC for discussion and planning the further work
7- Facilitating of INO networking with other active and effective organizations
8- Interacting with other international/ financial/ educational organizations in order to achieve INO goals under supervision of INOStC