Message from INIC Secretary-General

In recent decades, Nanotechnology emergence has led to a very dynamic and vibrant community of scientists, technologists and industrial experts formed along a value chain from science to industry and market. Increasing motivation and better education of university students have a great impact in raising functionality of the mentioned value chain as it highly depends on the quality of its human resources. Based on previous experiences, international scientific competitions in different areas such as physics, chemistry, computer, and robotics have already shown their effectiveness in various fields of science and technology education. It is believed that such an initiative in the area of nanotechnology also would be of great help in two key aspects. First, it will be a proper way to motivate young students to increase their knowledge of the field and to improve their practical skills. On the other hand, it will nurture better networking among individuals and educational institutes across countries.

Following the successful run of 7th National Nanotechnology Olympiad by INIC in Iran, the International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) idea was put forward by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) and was shaped through long and close collaboration among officials and experts from Iran, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, European Commission and Asia Nano Forum. It is planned to motivate university students in nanotechnology-related subjects to gain and apply knowledge and skills in solving global challenges. The program is designed in a way that participants can take advantage of the advice and help of experienced scientists and experts in the field. In the first event application of nanotechnology in water and environment challenges has been set as the main theme of the event. It is hoped that the INO initiative leads to the creation of an international educational network and new educational approaches solving global challenges by nanoscience and nanotechnology emerges from it.

INIC has always put education and international collaboration as key priorities in its programs and activities. INO is an initiative which shows how international collaboration among countries in the field of education can benefit all parties and eventually the whole global community. Based on this, INIC remains seriously committed to supporting and improving the INO in future.

I need to thank all experts, institutions, and countries who have contributed to this event with their valuable inputs. I wish a great success and fruitful outcome for the event. At last, but not the least, I should also thank ANF for promoting and supporting the event.

Prof. Saeed Sarkar
Secretary-General of Iran Nano Technology Initiative Council (INIC)