Participants Registration

INO Participant teams should consist of up to four members and one supervisor. The team members are selected according to rules settled by a national committee of the economies. Only official teams suggested by the member economies are considered as legitimated participants of INO.

INO Participants should be qualified and meet the following requirements:
1- They should be a university student in undergraduate or graduate or PhD level.
2- They should have their own countries passport and be covered by their health, travel, and accident insurances authorized by their own countries’ assurance companies at the time of being in the host economy.
3- The members should have relevant knowledge/experience of nanoscience or nanotechnology-related fields and business-related areas.
4- They are expected to present innovative ideas which can contribute considerably to a product or service development process in a field pertinent to INO annually selected topics.
5- Participants cannot register in competition on their own; they should be introduced by credible institutions (such as a university/research centers, and other relevant local organizations) with approval of the teams by all steering committee members.

In order to register for the INO, each team should fill this form and send it to Secretariat@nanoolympiad.org.