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Winners of first International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) were announced

The first International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) was held in Pardis Technology Park, Tehran, Iran on April 10-16, 2018. In this event, four teams were the winners of four categories: Innovation, Business, Science and Technology, and Overall.

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At the first International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) held in April of 2018, the South Korean team (Gichang Noh, Hyun Seung Lee, and Joo Lee Son) won 2000 euros for their idea on Towards the Realization of “Valley Qubit” at Room Temperature.
In the business category, 2000 euros was awarded to the Iranian team (Human bakhshi, Pouria Paridash, and Seyed Mahdi Ghasemi). They presented a solution on how to remove chromium from leather companies’ waste water.
In the science and technology category, the 2000 euros prize was awarded to the Malaysian team (Rabi’atul ‘Adawiyah Zayadi, Kah Chun Ho, Oshua Soo Zheyan, and Muhammad Sollehin Idris). The Malaysian team presented their idea on Nano-PFTF Membrane for Industrial Wastewater Treatment.
Finally, the participating team from Taiwan (Hung-Yuan Tsai, Hsiang-Chun Cheng, Chien-Chung Lo, and Kelvin Hadinatan) won the overall best project prize of 3000 euros for their idea on Nature-inspired Omniphobic Membranes and Photocatalysts Design towards a Near-Zero Liquid Discharge (N-ZLD).