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Online Educational Contents are now available on the official INO Website.

| Reviews : 528 | Upload Date : 07 Apr 2018

The first international nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) is about to begin. Although this Olympiad is a competition by nature and it is based on entrepreneurial skills and teamwork, there are many learning opportunities in entrepreneurship as well as on nanotechnology which participants can benefit from. The educational materials are divided in four sections and they are available on the website. These are:

1. How to build a startup:
•  Building a team
•  Market research to making an idea happen
•  Business model
•  Human resource management for startups
•  Business plan
•  Market entry strategies
•  Financial management for startups
•  Marketing for startups
•  Growth strategies for startups
•  Negotiation
•  Fundraising for startups

2. Commercialization and intellectual property (IP):
This module is about steps for commercialization, the patent laws and the necessary knowledge about intellectual property for startups and entrepreneurs.

3. How to make a pitch:
This module has two parts; First part is about general tips on how to have a perfect pitch and how to make a slide show, second part is about the elevator pitch concept and focuses on developing your communication skills in a pitch.

4. Applications of Nanotechnology:
The aim behind this section is to introduce applications of nanotechnology in water and wastewater treatment. This topic consists of the following sections:
Introduction to nanotechnology
Nanostructures: synthesis, properties and applications
Environmental aspects of nanotechnology
Applications of nanotechnology in water and wastewater treatment
Nanotechnology related challenges in water and wastewater treatment

You may access the educational module on the INO website.