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Final results of the first Iran NANO STARTUP competition are announced

Final results of the first NANO STARTUP competition in Iran have been announced. Among the seven competing teams, Nanit, Pakab and Abino ranked first to third, respectively.  In the final round of the competition, the teams had to present their nanotechnology-related plans on “water and wastewater treatment”. The goal of this round was to create an experience for the participants during their first steps towards launching a successful business. The winners will represent Iran in the 2018 International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) in Tehran.

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NANO STARTUP was held with the aim to select and introduce the Iranian representatives for the first INO in 2018. This event consisted of two rounds: an in-person round where the goal was to identify technological opportunities, and a remote round including proof of concept, suggested solutions, and identifying a target market.

In the final round, the seven competing teams were asked to provide a proof of concept for their design and to identify their customers. To develop their proof of concept, the participants received support in the following areas:

• Allocation of laboratory grants and financial support

• Technical and commercial consultations 

• Facilitating services including networking and non-financial support 

Participants were evaluated by eleven judges in the technical and commercial fields during the International Nanotechnology Festival in Tehran.

The criteria for evaluation process included novelty of the concept", "proposed target market", and "quality of team’s performance".

In this competition, Nanit’s idea on "Chromium recovery by photocatalyst adsorbents in the production of leather", Pakab’s idea on "a pocket lab for testing water pollution", and Abino’s idea on "microbial contamination detector" ranked first to third, respectively.