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The first International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) will be held with focus on applications of nanotechnology in water and sanitation

After signing up the MOU for holding INO on 15 Feb 2017, the second meeting of INO steering committee was held by the presence of the representatives from Russia, Taiwan, and Iran in Tehran. At this two-day meeting on 19 and 20 Apr 2017, the main focus, key subjects of interest, time scheduling, MOU, and the way INO should be held were examined. In accordance with the pre-determined agreement, the main subject of the first INO will be the applications of nanotechnology in water and sanitation.

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After holding the first meeting of INO steering committee on the sideline of Asian Nano Forum (ANF) on 15 Feb 2017, the second meeting was held during a two-day meeting on 19 and 20 Apr 2017 in Tehran. At this meeting, Professor Wu from the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Professor Goodilin from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Professor Ali Beitollahi from Iran nanotechnology Initiative Council, and Andrey Melnikov Form RusNano had attended as representatives from Iran, Russia, and Taiwan.

In accordance with the agreements reached at this meeting, the main focus and key subject of the first INO will be the ways the nanotechnology can be exploited in water and sanitation. This issue was selected in respect of the present global concerns about clean water and household or industrial wastes. It aims to pave the way for the young elites to compete with each other for addressing the global concerns through the nanotechnology. 

At this meeting, it was also speculated that interested countries declare their readiness for participation in INO by June 2017, so that they are allowed to choose their elected teams and genius competitors by holding the nationwide competitions. Each country can only have one representative in the final level of the competition. 

To further enhance the participant teams’ readiness, online and offline training courses in a variety of scientific and technological topics will be organized with the presence of professors and international mentors. By this means, professional expertise and experiences will be available to participants before the holding of the competition.

The competition at this Olympiad will resemble a technological challenge with the aim to address the main topic i.e. "water and sanitation" by help of nanotechnology. 

Given the agreement reached at the meeting, Professor Ali Beitollahi was assigned as the head of the INO steering committee. It was suggested to establish an INO scientific committee composed of proposed professors from member countries involved in INO steering committee. Also, the members suggested that this committee is established by late June 2017 and after that, the INO jury is organized under the supervision of steering committee’s members. 

The first INO will be held on 10 April 2018 for 5 to 7 days in Tehran. Four countries have declared their readiness to participate at this INO and it is expected that more countries join the competition.