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European Union joins INO Steering Committee

INO Permanent Secretariat announced the official membership of European Commission in the INO Steering committee.

Final results of the first Iran NANO STARTUP competition are announced

Final results of the first NANO STARTUP competition in Iran have been announced. Among the seven competing teams, Nanit, Pakab and Abino ranked first to third, respectively.  In the final round of the competition, t...
01 Aug 2017
Formal declaration of readiness by Interested economies
01 Sep 2017
INO national announcement (INO first stage) & national level teams selection
20 Jan 2018
Deadline of teams registration and submission of teams plans
15 Mar 2018
INO Jury members approval by INOStC
20 Mar 2018
Teams Project Report Submission
10 Apr 2018
INO second stage opening ceremony

Senior Expert, RUSNANO

Vice-President, Korea Nano Technology Research Society

Distinguished Research Fellow Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

International Collaboration Director, INIC

Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Chair in Environmental Nanosciences, University of Birmingham

INO Founders